Celebrating Wales' hidden heroines

Celebrating Wales' hidden heroines

Celebrating Wales' hidden heroinesCelebrating Wales' hidden heroines

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For more information, please contact Helen Molyneux at: helen@monumentalwelshwomen.org 

Mobile 07944985151 

Monumental Welsh Women Ltd, registered office: Unit 7, Neptune Court, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ. 

Company Number 11842995 

Monumental Welsh Women is established as a company limited by guarantee. A company limited by guarantee is a company without any shareholders but it is owned by members called guarantors who agree to pay a nominal amount in the event of company being wound up. It's a specific form of incorporation used for non-profit organisations. 

We are non- profit making and all the money we raise will be used to commission the statues.

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Cardiff, Cardiff, Caerdydd, Wales, United Kingdom

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